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Retrieve and review documents pertinent to customers' claims (deductions) in order to assess validity of the claims.  Analyze and resolve all claims within 30 days of deduction dates, with priority given to larger claims.  Support chargeback invoices to customers with backup data that is complete, accurate, concise and clear.  Communicate with appropriate Kenney personnel to help insure that Company errors resulting in customer claims are corrected promptly so as to minimize repeat claims caused by the same error types.  Prepare monthly reports to inform management of current and historical customer claims experience. Communicate with customers to collect past due (delinquent) invoices.


About the Company

Kenney believes in our vision and values as strongly today as we did when we started our business over 100 years ago. We will continue to provide quality, fashion forward and innovative consumer products for the next 100 years. We will achieve this through our company values by which our employees exemplify incredible levels of dedication, integrity, collaboration, vision and creativity.


To help Kenney's business grow and thrive through well designed visual communications.  The Senior Graphic Designer will conceptualize, design and produce graphic materials for Kenney products, services, and events under the guidance of the Creative Manager & Product Managers and in accordance with Kenney's quality standards and Brand guidelines, as well as Production standards and processes.

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